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Mechanical Engineer on a Rheniformer scheduled shutdown and Bensat Plant scheduled shutdown.


Designed and engineered Sour Water Internal Relief System.


Employed as Lead Mechanical Engineer on CDU 3, Rheniformer, Bensat, SRU and Platformer plants.




Undertook a Blast Furnace Lance Oxygen system design and installation. This included the tie in to an existing 14” Gaseous Oxygen line whilst still maintaining oxygen to the adjacent blast furnace, the design and construction of an Oxygen/Nitrogen valve station and pipework from the valve station to each tuyere.


Designed and engineered a condensate recovery system from Blast Furnace Gas, Mixed Gas and Coke Ovens Gas main supply lines including furnace rundown.


Seconded as Lead Piping Engineer on Blast Furnace Reline.





Mechanical Engineer Propylene Splitter Arsine Removal project including 4 off Pressure Vessels to ASME VIII Division 1, Relief to Flare, Propylene pipework and instrumentation Propylene Compressor decommissioning and removal.


Mechanical Engineer on Alkylation HFA Plant, TAME, TLCCS, PSU 1 and PSU 2.


Mechanical Project Engineer for the September 2011 T&I including Flare Modifications, system tie ins for future process modifications, Hydrofluoric Acid Pump seal flush upgrades and modifications, n-Butane to Naphtha process pipework modifications, Chemical Treatment renewal etc.





Lead Mechanical Engineer Anhydride upgrade including modifications to 1 off Pressure Vessels to ASME VIII Division 1, Relief to Flare, Acetic Acid/Anhydride pipework and instrumentation Sundyne Pump, Heat Exchanger (fixed tubesheet shell and tube), decommissioning and removal.


Lead Mechanical Engineer on CO Reformer Upgrade for 2013 TAR.


Lead Mechanical Engineer on Anhydride De-bottlenecking Project scheduled for 2014.


Assisted with the preparation of the 2013 TAR for BP Chemicals which included work on the Carbon Monoxide Reformer plant upgrade.

We are also Project Engineering  another project outside of the upcoming TAR which includes for an Anhydride upgrade.








Lead Mechanical Engineer DMAE Safety Upgrade Project. Including preliminary design on pressure vessels to BS EN 13445, pipework to ASME B31.3 and heat exchangers to TEMA.

Preparing FEED Studies and specifications for design to tender.










Lead Mechanical Engineer Acetic Acid reactor valve upgrade in Zirconium and N7-M Alloy.

Ammonia Heat Exchanger replacement to PD 5500 and TEMA R.


Lead Mechanical Engineer on  design work for 10”/12”NB High Pressure Superheated Steam main from boiler plant (ASME B31.1) to process plant. Approximately 1km long.


Lead Mechanical Engineer on 6”NB Acetic Acid transfer line 1.6km (1 mile) long. Line designed to ASME B31.3 2012.


Quality assurance on high level castings and forgings for Acetic Acid and Acetic Anhydride primary reaction valves. Includes for full supplementary requirements to ASTM B752, A494 etc. Includes for Level 1 acceptance to ASTM E186 and E446.










We have also completed a Natural Gas preliminary Sizing exercise for a major supermarket chain in the UK.

This was to supply 200 mBar Natural Gas through a portal frame structure to supply package boilers and other gas fired equipment. The process was dependant on minimal pressure drop from supply to point of use.